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“It pains me so” he said

“You no longer have need of me”

“Disposable I am to you. Don’t deny it”

“You’re wrong” she said

“Nothing’s changed, I sware”

“I’m fine and so are you”

“What happened?” He asked

“I still remember when we were friends”

“But now you seem so far away”

“I’m fine” she answered

“There’s nothing wrong”

And as he left he muttered

“I know you’re not”

“You’ve never been a good liar”

“I’ll still be here, in silence”

“So you may call, and I’ll be there”


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Close your eyes and look inside
See ahead of thoughts as trees
A lake lies ahead, no?
the sound of streams so near will lead you to it

Close your eyes and feel
Keep moving forward
Trees keep growing taller
But the spring will remain there

Patience, my love
For you shall reach your goal
You´re thirsty, I see
You crave it, I know

What lies in that spring?
Do you not know?
I´m sure you do
Close your eyes, you will see

Fountain of love
Within you springs
Yet you cannot reach it
Thoughts and fears hide it

Don´t turn around
Do not go back
There is no meaning in all
if you can´t reach it

Now you see
It has frozen
Only ice remains
Only memories prevail

You could not help it
You could not see
Had you known…
Could you have known?

Do not despair
For your soul is in winter
Come Spring and you shall see
The lake of love shall fill again

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Drawing is the essence of my freedom

Freedom, the power, will and ability to do anything you desire. To be bound to nothing or no one, to obey no rules, to answer to nothing.

It is the precise moment when my pencil touches the paper, when it describes a simple yet perfect line under the soft vibration produced by the slight movement, that I am a free man. My focus goes along the carbon that taints the white, absorbing my every thought, my every breath, my every move. I am god. An entity capable of creation, obeying my own rules, which there is none.

The sensation is sweet, calm, infinite. The essence of my freedom. Simplicity in an eternal instant given by your hand.


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Darkness, the abyss and shelter of all fears. There lies what we keep hidden, what we do not want to know or see. Our most feared monsters that crawl back to us once we turn off our lights. Like a child jumping to his bed, to avoid being catched by the monster living under it at night. Even as adults we tend to fear darkness, even if a little bit, as we do not know what could be hidden in the next corner, and as we cannot see clearly when the light does not shine bright.

However, darkness can be our ally often. When there is no sound and darkness becomes our surroundings, a soothing calm can be found. For most it can be terrifying, but when you embrace it you can feel it. Sublime. If you are together with someone, when your are alone with someone, darkness can become your secret. Your way of connecting the most. You stop seeing and you start feeling. You notice your body, your breath, your every move. You focus on your steps, your hands and suddenly…. Suddenly you realize you don’t need your eyes that much. When in a known environment, you don’t need them at all. You are free of sight, and embraced by other senses.
you are a different being…

Start closing your eyes or turning off lights, and you will start to open your mind and free your soul. For this a lot must be done, but every step takes you closer to the end…


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