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“It pains me so” he said

“You no longer have need of me”

“Disposable I am to you. Don’t deny it”

“You’re wrong” she said

“Nothing’s changed, I sware”

“I’m fine and so are you”

“What happened?” He asked

“I still remember when we were friends”

“But now you seem so far away”

“I’m fine” she answered

“There’s nothing wrong”

And as he left he muttered

“I know you’re not”

“You’ve never been a good liar”

“I’ll still be here, in silence”

“So you may call, and I’ll be there”


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Close your eyes and look inside
See ahead of thoughts as trees
A lake lies ahead, no?
the sound of streams so near will lead you to it

Close your eyes and feel
Keep moving forward
Trees keep growing taller
But the spring will remain there

Patience, my love
For you shall reach your goal
You´re thirsty, I see
You crave it, I know

What lies in that spring?
Do you not know?
I´m sure you do
Close your eyes, you will see

Fountain of love
Within you springs
Yet you cannot reach it
Thoughts and fears hide it

Don´t turn around
Do not go back
There is no meaning in all
if you can´t reach it

Now you see
It has frozen
Only ice remains
Only memories prevail

You could not help it
You could not see
Had you known…
Could you have known?

Do not despair
For your soul is in winter
Come Spring and you shall see
The lake of love shall fill again

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When you get involved in a relationship, you get involved with another person, obviously. That person is an individual, like yourself. And like yourself, he/she has friends, family, and else.
If you think about it, when you get involved with someone else, you do not just get to deal with that person, but instead you get involved with everyone else that is important to her/him.

People rely on others. When you insult someone, usually the response comes in numbers from a lot of people, specially if you know them. And, in the same way, when you love someone, others close to you both will feel it. It is a natural connection between living creatures (and I mean not just humans).

Humans are individual souls, trapped in these bodies that separate us from one another. Wether you like it or not, we are alone. Lonely spirits. However, we have the ability to connect with others, to love others, to care for others. That is our little bridge that connects our souls together, and eventually it can become a whole net of bridges connecting us.


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