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As I walk the street alone
Fear not my child, for this is life
The noise, the blast, the thunder
Shall all befall upon us, eventually

And you will worship the day
As the gods bless our steps
And we pray to our hearts
May we love again someday

And as I walk this street alone
My fears become none
With the blessing of the rain
As rain drops cleanse my soul

Fear not my child, for this is death
Darkness, silence, so calm
Shall become light once more
And we will rest at last


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Metal, a genre of music that has many followers, and at the same time has been stigmatized by many more. Why? “because it summons de devil” – “because it is just noise” – “because it disrupts your inner balance” – “because it is stressful”… well, some of these are true, depending on the sub-genre of metal. –> Metal is the “widest” music there is, with the most amount of sub-genres, and most of them don´t even sound like the next. In fact, many wouldn´t even recognize a few due to the stereotypes.

Well, less blah blah, and more action. I wanted to post this song from the band Kamelot. I believe it is a beautiful song. How? well, list/read the lyrics. Metal can be more than hate, blood and gore. It is often poetry, most used by symphonic metal bands, such as Epica, Kamelot, Within temptation, and recent Sonata Arctica (just to name a few).

It is said that some studies show that to understand metal music is like understanding classical music. I believe this to be true, as most metal heads I know appreciate classical music (as do I). This requires a certain degree of intelligence (as others studies show), but I tend to disagree with this point (some kinds of metal don´t have really intelligent followers, while other kinds have almost pure brilliant minds haha). Anyhow, I don´t think much about the realtionship between metal music and intelligence. You just have to feel music, not think it. You can always analyze it later 😉



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