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We walk in the dark
away from the crowds and people
We live in fear
of showing ourselves to the world
And yet…
As we linger in the shadows
As we crawl through this world
As we walk alone, unseen
We wait for the day
when someone will notice
when someone will see
the day when someone will care…

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Noises, sounds, disturbance in surround
Fumes and flames, no air to breath
Those who are to blame smile cynically
To fill their greed, despite our needs

Immortality they seek, Injustice they don´t speak
And yet we live in jungles they claim to be safe
Where the fittest survive
And the weeklings must obey

I can´t stand this, I must leave
My thoughts I cannot hear, no silence within me
A mind once lost in space
A soul once bright, now fades

I feel no essence, I feel no pain,
My mind is numb, as weak as you
I cannot flee, I must survive
I strive for peace, release my leash
This concrete forrest will bury me

Unleash the demons, unnatural
A needed process to ease the mind
Destroy it all, construct again
Their life now fading
Replenish me

I found now peace, inside this world
My mind a whole, this mind anew
I´m locked inside, I own the key
In my own world I found now peace

*http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fallen-concrete-utopia-II-82661103 for the artist of the picture.

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Most of us live in big cities these days. They are what you may call “complete”, as they have hospitals, jobs, entertainment, and all we need to live. However, they lack of something that, in my opinion, is fundamental for life itself, thus making us more and more distant from ourselves….

I find myself studying, at the same time as I am thinking of a design for a tattoo I want. An Ouroboros, designed by me in the most part, that involves the element of water. The Ouroboros reflects many things, and in my eyes it represents the reinvention of ourselves. As humans, we (or at least I) wish to perfect ourselves, even when perfection can be something subjective. We seek the perfection of the mind, the soul and the body, the balance of these and perfection of ourselves as free spirits. It also represents a cycle, of birth and rebirth and eternal life; our passing through this world as spirits with different bodies every life cycle, in search of wisdom.

Water, the pure element we find in nature, represents life and peace. To me, the simple sound of a gentle stream calms my thirst and soothes my spirit. It is the simple representation of peace and a peaceful state of mind. Water is our means to clean the body, and also the mind. What a simple rainy day does to a whole city is nothing but to clean it, even if for a while.

Cleaning… Something that a city needs. As a student, I find my self in times of stress, and when in such times, I wish to go out and have some peace, my mind at ease, a moment of silence… However, in these modern times and this modern city it is something hard to find. Outside my bedroom window I can see a small park, trees, life. However, surrounding it lies this city, with concrete buildings, loud cars, and a background noise I dare not listen to. Life it self seems to be still, as if someone took a remote control and pushed “pause”, no progression of it, just regression…

Big cities, where you can find the best hospitals, with probably the best doctors and therapists, are the ones that take your life the fastest, thus the need of said entities.


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