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As I walk the street alone
Fear not my child, for this is life
The noise, the blast, the thunder
Shall all befall upon us, eventually

And you will worship the day
As the gods bless our steps
And we pray to our hearts
May we love again someday

And as I walk this street alone
My fears become none
With the blessing of the rain
As rain drops cleanse my soul

Fear not my child, for this is death
Darkness, silence, so calm
Shall become light once more
And we will rest at last


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” Like a crack in the clean slate
I see emotion take over the rational
We are the favoured sons of reason
With tools at our disposal
Squandered day by day
Strip the thoughts
Heal the system
Take the original back
It is inside me/now
If this is all I can remember
Can I ever trust myself
Like a flash or a fleeting glance
I see movement in the corner of my eye
Now the mind goes into overdrive
To process and deceive
How will I ever know

Give up the experience
To halt the fictional mind
It is inside me/now
Block out all that makes it painful
Set the pieces back in place

If this is all that I remember, can I ever trust myself

I track movement
Like light behind my eyes
Made to match up
With what I tell myself each day
My experience
Is what I do not know
And one I cannot trust

It infects the marrow
A virus of ideas
It is inside me/now
What my mind is telling me
Must come undone

If this is all that I remember, can I ever trust myself “

Somehow this song I can interpret in two opposite ways. However, both are about the same thing: emotional vs rational thoughts. Most people have to deal with those every day, everytime. Unfortunately I don´t.I have heard some people say “I wish I could feel no (emotional) pain” or things like that. Yes, pain isn´t nice. But if you think about it, pain tells you that you are alive, that you can feel. You can feel

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Short term memory…?

Today while I was doing a class at the university I had a thought… (yes, while the students where asking things I was way up there in the moon…) What was it? I don´t remember… I never said I was a brilliant man…really…

What I do remember is that it was quite an interesting subject. I wanted to write it down right there, but I could not, of course… I relied on my memory, who betrayed me…. you evil mind!!!

“Now, why would I want to read about your shitty memory?” well… I really don´t know haha I just felt like writting this down.

You see, it is interesting how our mind works… we can remember the most stupid things throughout the day, and when we need to remember something important, it may just fade away… Fragile our minds is or at least mine is. Even more recently…

Tip: if you have something important you want to remember later, write it down, unless your mind is working fine unlike mine xd


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