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Who are we…?

We all die, eventually
Death is not the end, nor the start
It is a checkpoint
It is a toll

Throughout our lives we live differently
Some seek quietness
Others adventure
While others seek to avoid life itself

From the moment we are born we are to gather experiences, knowledge.
Should we neglect this, the afterlife might seem terrible.
To think you have done nothing for yourself in your life can be frightening.

In order to keep experiencing and living, we should remain healthy.
Respect our bodies, and also our minds. For a mind cannot be without a body, and a body is meaningless without a mind.

However, what is truly our mind?
A mount of thoughts and functions?
A conjoined mix of feelings, ideas and plans?
A network of neurons that create a world within ourselves?
Or is it the reflection of our souls and inner beings?


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Most people have a religion that gives their lives some sort of meaning. A “reason” of why we exist. Said reason can be anything, depending on the religion itself. I respect this, let me state it now before you see this as a rant of some kind.
(From here on, this post is a personal opinion based on what I have read and learned through my life).

If you think about it (and if you study a little bit about our universe), there really is no meaning for us here. We live in a planet that floats in a really, really vast universe. Our own galaxy, that is incredibly huge compared to our little solar system, is small in comparison to the size of this universe. So why would we be any special? Our planet is a simple “accident” that happened through out the millenia after this universe was created.

So, the hard part for me was to accept this fact. We are nothing but grain of sand in a vast ocean, like it or not. Given the probabilities of us being “created” in this huge space, there is also a huge possibility that there are MANY other planets with life-forms similar to us. It is known that there are bigger planets that  might be capable of sustaining the same kind of life as ours:

KOI 172.02

Feeling small? it might get interesting if you read Professor Stephen Hawkings books 🙂

So, what is my point to all of this? Life doesn´t have a predetermined meaning, yet it still can have it: You must give your life some kind of meaning. As our lives are but a nanosecond compared to the Earth´s life-time, and we have yet to know what happens after death, it is we who must give our own lives a meaning.
I´ll admit I cannot stop thinking about life as a deadline for a job, where I must get to know everything I can, meet people, know places, study anything I feel like, and treat as many patients as I can (and the best I can).  I have to ENJOY life as much as I can.

Life is limited. Use it wisely. Don´t waste it working your ass off, or studying something you don´t really like just for the sake of earning more money. Well, if money will get you where you want to be in order to truly enjoy life, then that is your call. But people tend to get caught in the system, and once you start working, debts start gathering, and more work is needed. Avoid this.
Enjoy life to it´s fullest. Work in order to enjoy life. Work in something you enjoy.

This is my personal thought, and I hope you can share a similar one.


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A dream…

Last night I had a weird dream….

I was in some sort of woods, with a few acquaintances around (some of them children). For some reason it was dark, maybe nightfall, and there was movement around, with the light of a fire in the distance. The place was huge, with massive tree roots everywhere that formed small hills…

Out of no-where there is a sound, and suddenly a dog-sized wolf appears. It wasn´t scared, nor it was angry, but it was about to attack us. As in self defense. I tried to protect the children, and at the same time I wanted to protect the wolf more. The others were on their way, and would have probably killed him. When I took a step he suddenly charged at me (and the children behind me). I grabed him and stayed behind. With my arms I managed to make a lock around his neck, and started chocking him slowly, until he fainted.

I wanted to protect him the most, and for that I had to hurt him a bit. Nothing deadly, just a silent faint and I layed him on the ground. The children were scared, so I taught them about the little wolf, of how I had protected him from being killed.

Some times we must hurt others in order to protect them from greater harm. 


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Here I am, sitting by myself at the university library not really alone since there are other students here… But you get the point silently trying to read a subject. I have a test about it in a few hours and I cannot concentrate. My brain is begging for some rest, something I cannot give for now. Stress everywhere. Every subject I have demands more and more every week, both time and energy. I feel like wanting to send everything to hell and go live in the mountains…

I keep moving forward because there are few subjects I really like. I also have this sense of responsibility I wish I did not have that makes me keep going, working, studying, killing myself.
efforts and sacrifices must be made in order to reach your goals
This I do not question, nor do I question myself about my decision of studying a career. Specially if I love my career so much. But the stress is too much. I can barely wake every morning, and again I am starting to question if this life is in fact interesting at all….

Just needed to write about this… I just want all of this to end… Quickly…


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