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We walk in the dark
away from the crowds and people
We live in fear
of showing ourselves to the world
And yet…
As we linger in the shadows
As we crawl through this world
As we walk alone, unseen
We wait for the day
when someone will notice
when someone will see
the day when someone will care…

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As I walk the street alone
Fear not my child, for this is life
The noise, the blast, the thunder
Shall all befall upon us, eventually

And you will worship the day
As the gods bless our steps
And we pray to our hearts
May we love again someday

And as I walk this street alone
My fears become none
With the blessing of the rain
As rain drops cleanse my soul

Fear not my child, for this is death
Darkness, silence, so calm
Shall become light once more
And we will rest at last

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Who are we…?

We all die, eventually
Death is not the end, nor the start
It is a checkpoint
It is a toll

Throughout our lives we live differently
Some seek quietness
Others adventure
While others seek to avoid life itself

From the moment we are born we are to gather experiences, knowledge.
Should we neglect this, the afterlife might seem terrible.
To think you have done nothing for yourself in your life can be frightening.

In order to keep experiencing and living, we should remain healthy.
Respect our bodies, and also our minds. For a mind cannot be without a body, and a body is meaningless without a mind.

However, what is truly our mind?
A mount of thoughts and functions?
A conjoined mix of feelings, ideas and plans?
A network of neurons that create a world within ourselves?
Or is it the reflection of our souls and inner beings?


Click the image to know the artist behind it.

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Moonlit sky

…So life was cold.
An eternal sweet night
With stars afar
No touch of light

Forever afraid
Of warming up to freeze again
such terrible fear
Would dawn be my downfall?

So forever running
To make it an eternal night
To flea from light
Again and again

And suddenly a flash
A sweet scent afar
Afraid yet not so
Of that shiny star

Ever so close
A star enlightened me
Even in my sweet cold night
Warmth gave me still

And step by step
It slowed me down
To never run
From that distant dawn…


PS: Click the image for the artist´s DA profile.

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The rock of souls

Spirits reside
In a world unknown to men
From which we come
To which we´ll return

Life beyond flesh
Of shadows and stones
Of light and trees
In twilight beholds

A realm seemingly forgotten
In presence so unreal
Of overwhelming beauty
Hidden from human eyes

Here two souls entwined
Who´s bodies once forgotten
Reunite once more
Two become one

And a cycle reborns
When these two meet
Every life shall repeat
This love anew

No death will set them apart
No flesh will unite them at heart
For their souls are one
And as such shall remain

Yet as in flesh
Imperfect they are
Scarred hearts they hold
The remains of their separation

The beast as in image
Beauty he has seen
Feelings long forgotten
Have awakened, so it seems

And in the midst of the night
One gentle, honest kiss
Was all he needed
To change this life of his

To dry the rivers in their eyes
And forever hold at heart
What had become his new meaning
And the most precious thing in life

Click the image to see the artists Deviantart page.

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Nature´s life….

Silent stare
From afar, the voice
A glimmer light
of two shinny pearls

A sound unheard
Music from the other world

Gracious moves
as you danced through the trees
Careful steps
for thy Children

Heartfelt agony
Her world crumbles
Dispair not far
The demon comes

A sound unheard
Screams from the other world

Burning pain
as life withers away
The cristals behold
Demise of old

Gracious moves
as you dance through ashes
Careful steps
for dead Children

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In this moment I find myself in a state of serenity, of total connection with my thoughts. Recently I have noticed that I lost myself about a year ago. I changed for some reason I do not entirely know. I forgot part of myself, left it behind and became someone else. Unfortunately, said change was not for the best, hence I now see the need to return.

You see, I live tormented by mostly everything around me. The noise from the streets, people walking by, the concrete walls that surround me and the paved streets beneath my feet. I live in a synthetic world. We have lost our connection with nature, so no spirits walk among us. I see a tree growing in every corner, one with less life than the next. All alone, they just survive, but the spirits I barely sense in them.

It is due to this lifeless wasteland we call a city that people are disturbed. Life shatters and we lose ourselves into chaos. It´s mayhem, where living grass is replaced for concrete or synthetic grass. It keeps the green, takes the living. Useless.

The reason I came to write this is simple. Lose not yourself, but the rest. Lose your stress. Lose the car. Throw away your phone. Finally, start to listen. There are birds in the sky, trees dancing to the rhythm of the wind and water flowing underground.
I now live in order to finish my career, work fast and get to travel. Go as far away as I can from the big cities, where life travels.

Lose not yourself, but the rest. Let your mind not be poisoned.





PD: the amazing artists behind these images:


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