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Who are we…?

We all die, eventually
Death is not the end, nor the start
It is a checkpoint
It is a toll

Throughout our lives we live differently
Some seek quietness
Others adventure
While others seek to avoid life itself

From the moment we are born we are to gather experiences, knowledge.
Should we neglect this, the afterlife might seem terrible.
To think you have done nothing for yourself in your life can be frightening.

In order to keep experiencing and living, we should remain healthy.
Respect our bodies, and also our minds. For a mind cannot be without a body, and a body is meaningless without a mind.

However, what is truly our mind?
A mount of thoughts and functions?
A conjoined mix of feelings, ideas and plans?
A network of neurons that create a world within ourselves?
Or is it the reflection of our souls and inner beings?


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It is said the eyes say more than we want, speak for themselves, giving away our thoughts and leting our secrets free.

An eye can show a feeling, a thought, emotions and expresions. Imagine what two eyes can set free from the mind. A portal to the unknown, yet well known by ourselves. Some do not know what they feel, what they experience, as the emotion can be far from their knowledge, or they just can´t put it into words. So they don´t think about it, they just feel it. Just look into a mirror, and see beyond the reflection and you will see inside the person you are staring… read your own mind.

To speak with yourself, to ask questions to your inner self, your mind traped in a prison you have set just to fit in, to look normal. Set it free and you will see what you can really offer. But first, you must know where you are, what you are, who you are in that prison mind of yours.

Once you have seen inside your own world, you will be able to see into others, through their own windows that give out their fears, secrets and feelings without even knowing….

The windows are open and the secrets are showing, look inside and tell what you see, but let no one know, for it is a secret only for you to use… so use it wisely….

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