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“It pains me so” he said

“You no longer have need of me”

“Disposable I am to you. Don’t deny it”

“You’re wrong” she said

“Nothing’s changed, I sware”

“I’m fine and so are you”

“What happened?” He asked

“I still remember when we were friends”

“But now you seem so far away”

“I’m fine” she answered

“There’s nothing wrong”

And as he left he muttered

“I know you’re not”

“You’ve never been a good liar”

“I’ll still be here, in silence”

“So you may call, and I’ll be there”


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The human being has always been known to be a very curious animal. Since the early years of it’s appearing, even as it’s less evolved forms, it has urged to discover new things. This hasn´t but increased during the course of its evolution and I am sure it will continue to do so. Now, what is one of the things that I find interesting that humans have been trying to figure out for many years? Well, the origin of life, that is.
Many scientists have dedicated their lives to unravel the mysteries our universe holds for itself, that which contains the answers to our origins. Where did life being? Are there other life forms other than the ones in our planet? Are we alone in this vast universe? These are just a few general questions that remain unanswered.

However, the object of this entry is not to answer such questions, nor to discuss the subject. Instead, I want to talk about the idea of the craving for this knowledge that men have.
Why do we want to know all of this? What is the purpose of knowing the origin of the universe or of life? I have a few ideas of why…

First of all, humans have always been afraid of the unknown. Especially of other living things, as we do not know if they are a threat to us. So, if we are able to discover life outside our planet we can be sure we must arm ourselves to the teeth in order to protect ourselves.

But really, that is just a vague idea. My main idea about this is that humans have an urge to prove their existence. Since the beginnings of human times, we have left many things to prove our passing through this life: paintings, essays, inventions, you name it. We have been able to prove our existence to other humans.  But what happens when you take this to a whole universe? We are but a small grain of sand floating in a huge ocean, with infinite depth and area. So, are we really here? What are we to this universe? Maybe what we really seek is this, through the answers of the universe. Our existence is really meaningless when you take it to that scale and that is something humans cannot accept. Of course this is a general idea of humans, as there are exceptional individuals.
Now, if we are seeking the meaning of our existence, just to prove we are what we are, and to leave a mark, aren´t we also trying to figure out something about god?

What is god? Does it/he/she exist? Is it only one? Is there really a supreme being?
Humans have always been afraid of a god. A being we must pray to, in order to save our lives (or rather, our souls) and who gives us rules to obey, yet these rules are different according to the different cultures. So, maybe there are many gods? Or just one that looks different to the eyes of many? If we are able to prove the origins of our universe, the origins of our universe, then we can accept or deny the existence of god. Throw away our fears. Be free from the shackles given by a man who invented the concept of deity.
This is just a guess of what scientists seek. Even when they say different, I believe this is one of the answers they wish to find. The proof that we are “the most supreme being”. Human ego at its maximum potential. I admit I am curious of such answers, but not only for this reason, but because my beliefs of deities accept the creation of the universe as it has been suggested by scientists. I am just curious and feel really meaningless in this vast universe, yet I wish to expand my mind and learn everything I can about this world and life itself.

Now, I have mentioned some theories of why humans seek answers, but I believe that there is not only one answer to it, but many. Even all those I mentioned and more, as we are individuals, and as such we have different thoughts and desires. Yet humanity as a whole, I believe, has these and more thoughts, wishes, and fears, to the discovery of our universe.



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“Hate towards humanity” … something I can feel related to. And here come all the “Oh my god, how can you say that” – “how negative, why do you think like that?” – blablabla

Misanthropy isn´t that specific hate towards another human being, but to all of humanity as a group. We, who populate this planet, our home, and have taken it to it´s limit. Of course humans have a bright side, I do believe that. I have seen it with my own eyes. But if you think about it, human is driven to destruction since birth. If you look at humans individually you may see good things, but when you look at it as a whole race, I see destruction, polution, violence. Smaller groups show us peace, tolerance, happyness, but with the purpose to oppose the bigger mass.

“Human is born evil” – is one of Xun Zi´s theories. A child has to be taught by society to respect, to share, to not be selfish. It is born to satisfy it´s own need and not care for others, unless guided by others. That is an incredibly short abstract of his theory of Fundamental Evil. On the other hand we have Mencius, who thought that humans are born good, and are corrupted by society. This I find true to some extent, but you can see it when humans are in a certain period of life (for example, puberty/teenage), but not exactly from birth.

“Moral and ethics are ment to guide humanity through a better path, away from it´s selfishness and evil” – not a quote, but a way of puting it…

Discussing this with a friend some time ago he mentioned that neither of those phylosophers are correct, since they talk about humans as beings different from animals. After all, what are we? Animals. And as such, we have instincts. Our instincts are to survive, and for that we thing selfishly (This I believe, not my friend), unlike a lot of animals.

Thankfully I can say there is some hope in our race, since there are good people in this earth. A little light among us.

Before I finish with this, let me express myself by saying that, yes, I have certain inclination towards misanthropy. Nevertheless, my objective with this post is to give you something to think about. I did not mention much about Mencius line of thought, since I like Xun Zi´s more, and also because it would become a really long post.

So please, if you want to, read more about the subject and tell me your thoughts about it.



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