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It was dark and it was cold
I had lost and threw myself to the abyss
And as I fell I thought
“No matter how hard I try, I´ll end up blind”
And so, I went away
Not out of will, but force alone
While the thought arose
“May Death embrace me soon”
Yet in that darkness I saw a light
Faint and distant, yet beautiful, innocent
As it came closer, shone stronger
Like a torch it lit something inside me
I could feel it´s warmth and strength
So beautiful, so pure
I wished this feeling lasted for eternity
But it was time to leave
And so I wrote my thanks in a note
In hope that it would make it shine brighter
Even though darkness still surrounds me
And even though I walk alone once more
A faint light now shines within me
I can now see a little of myself
I have been saved


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An act of courage…

For years many have said that running from a fight is an act of cowards. But, is it really?

There are times when you have to gather every drop of courage you have left in your body, even if you don’t have any due to years of abuses, and just turn your back on someone and walk away.
Stay there and just let yourself get hit over and over, because “you have to”…
Like facing your parents, and saying you’re leaving because you won’t stand any more of their bullshit, or telling your couple you want to end it because he/she is just abusing you.

I have been psychologically attacked since I can remember, and to stand up to that person is something, I believe, that demands a great amount of courage. But I don’t want this to become a rant.

Fortunately, there is always a light. Right before my mind went back into the abyss I’m so used to, I was brought back up, even if for a moment. There will always be something to help you. That hand that holds yours in confidence, that hug you get for no particular reason, a simple smile can change your thoughts in a matter of second. All of this and more, even when they have no relation to your problem, are the best gifts you can get. And for this I am thankful, to be able to see them before going back to the hollow space.

at the end of the dark tunnel there is a light. A light of joy to be with you in the darkest of moments


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