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It was dark and it was cold
I had lost and threw myself to the abyss
And as I fell I thought
“No matter how hard I try, I´ll end up blind”
And so, I went away
Not out of will, but force alone
While the thought arose
“May Death embrace me soon”
Yet in that darkness I saw a light
Faint and distant, yet beautiful, innocent
As it came closer, shone stronger
Like a torch it lit something inside me
I could feel it´s warmth and strength
So beautiful, so pure
I wished this feeling lasted for eternity
But it was time to leave
And so I wrote my thanks in a note
In hope that it would make it shine brighter
Even though darkness still surrounds me
And even though I walk alone once more
A faint light now shines within me
I can now see a little of myself
I have been saved


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As I walk the street alone
Fear not my child, for this is life
The noise, the blast, the thunder
Shall all befall upon us, eventually

And you will worship the day
As the gods bless our steps
And we pray to our hearts
May we love again someday

And as I walk this street alone
My fears become none
With the blessing of the rain
As rain drops cleanse my soul

Fear not my child, for this is death
Darkness, silence, so calm
Shall become light once more
And we will rest at last

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Part ways…

This day one of my oldest friends parted ways. She was my beautiful Dog Dominga. With 17 years of age, this morning she fell into the pool and drowned.
Death is not the problem. As part of the cycle, she is now able to rest in peace, and as a free spirit she might be able to reborn, young and healthy once more. My problem was the way she left. Drowning is never a good way.

Most people suffer a lot when someone dear dies. More so if said person/pet is young, and had a life ahead, yet I think that death is not necessarily a bad thing. Not at all, but only if it comes once you have fulfilled your life time here, and you were able to do the things you wanted to do. Death is just a door to a new world, a new life. A new experience. I can’t stop thinking about how she must be barking around somewhere, feeling great 🙂 always so cheerful, even when tired.

For these cases is that music can be our best companion, even more if we are alone at home. A melody that only you can decide, for it is the one that helps you free from the hollow feeling left by someone dear that has left.


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