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It was dark and it was cold
I had lost and threw myself to the abyss
And as I fell I thought
“No matter how hard I try, I´ll end up blind”
And so, I went away
Not out of will, but force alone
While the thought arose
“May Death embrace me soon”
Yet in that darkness I saw a light
Faint and distant, yet beautiful, innocent
As it came closer, shone stronger
Like a torch it lit something inside me
I could feel it´s warmth and strength
So beautiful, so pure
I wished this feeling lasted for eternity
But it was time to leave
And so I wrote my thanks in a note
In hope that it would make it shine brighter
Even though darkness still surrounds me
And even though I walk alone once more
A faint light now shines within me
I can now see a little of myself
I have been saved


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We walk in the dark
away from the crowds and people
We live in fear
of showing ourselves to the world
And yet…
As we linger in the shadows
As we crawl through this world
As we walk alone, unseen
We wait for the day
when someone will notice
when someone will see
the day when someone will care…

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Moonlit sky

…So life was cold.
An eternal sweet night
With stars afar
No touch of light

Forever afraid
Of warming up to freeze again
such terrible fear
Would dawn be my downfall?

So forever running
To make it an eternal night
To flea from light
Again and again

And suddenly a flash
A sweet scent afar
Afraid yet not so
Of that shiny star

Ever so close
A star enlightened me
Even in my sweet cold night
Warmth gave me still

And step by step
It slowed me down
To never run
From that distant dawn…


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I hear a voice in this night so cold
A silent scream in deepest fear
This dream is real, A whisper silent
Until I realize… It’s just a nightmare.

I lift my ears to hear outside
I barely recognize the sounds
Seems like a the wind has gotten up
Feels like the screams are rising high.

Sweet melody of rain drops falling
This mare of nights is taking over
The bitter taste of wasted love
With no regrets my door is shut

Once again in this lonely room
With crowds and noise, alone and silent
This pitch-black sky and roaring winds
The goddess cries, I know her pain

An image bestowed upon me
A lady of beautiful imperfection
Why can’t you be mine
Why can’t you exist

A storm is coming, I sense it near
It brings not peace, not mere delight
The waking moment of shattered glass
The image gone, awake at last

And once again I find myself
With voids all over, staring at this place
Sweet sound of screams and cries
The storm is out and free at last

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Darkness, the abyss and shelter of all fears. There lies what we keep hidden, what we do not want to know or see. Our most feared monsters that crawl back to us once we turn off our lights. Like a child jumping to his bed, to avoid being catched by the monster living under it at night. Even as adults we tend to fear darkness, even if a little bit, as we do not know what could be hidden in the next corner, and as we cannot see clearly when the light does not shine bright.

However, darkness can be our ally often. When there is no sound and darkness becomes our surroundings, a soothing calm can be found. For most it can be terrifying, but when you embrace it you can feel it. Sublime. If you are together with someone, when your are alone with someone, darkness can become your secret. Your way of connecting the most. You stop seeing and you start feeling. You notice your body, your breath, your every move. You focus on your steps, your hands and suddenly…. Suddenly you realize you don’t need your eyes that much. When in a known environment, you don’t need them at all. You are free of sight, and embraced by other senses.
you are a different being…

Start closing your eyes or turning off lights, and you will start to open your mind and free your soul. For this a lot must be done, but every step takes you closer to the end…


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No words can I say before I show you this:

It is here that I felt a bit comfortable and comprehended. Lived my life in loneliness, but what it does not mention is the need of us humans to break free from this solitude and feel the embrace of love. I have not felt that, the love of a loving couple. I believe that the love of a mother to her child is totally different, and for this is that I do not consider it.

Yes, I enjoy solitude. And at the same time, I wish I was no longer alone. For this enjoyment is that I have found myself in search of someone to give me company, and when I believe I have found who can help me even in just one bit of what I yern, I feel afraid. The fear of loosing oneself in the union with another person, of loosing the freedom of my own space. Of giving up part of that personal world I have inside.
Humans are born alone, and continue like that throughout their lives. We are containers for individual souls. Despite this, is that I have found someone I can talk to in moments of solitude: myself. My best friend, who understands me, who knows me, is that one voice inside my head that listens to me. Me… then, why do I feel the need of someone else? Paradoxes? Natural impulses?

Meditation. Something I do not often practice, yet I have found to be amazingly useful when in search of solitude, of connection with myself. It is there where I have felt completely alone, not just physically, put mentally. Alone, with just myself, maybe I´m not even there at all…

Painful indeed, but at the same time beautiful. What you could call… Sublime


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