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A freezing autumn morning
As the leaves in my heart descend
A slight breeze picks them up
And steals them away

Forgotten feeling,
I´ve missed it for long
Lonely colorful morning
Mist surrounds my eyes

In such a beautiful place
A curled up child appears
Lonely cry, he tries to reach out
Warm hands keep us tight

But beyond his reach
A shell keeps him from his dreams
For fragile this child is
So fragile life´s heart is…

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– Howl


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I feel the earth moving…

Unknown to me, these forces pull me.
I hear her calling me…
The voice and sounds, undisturbingly…

The falling snow I feel,
I freeze, yet not of fear.
‘Tis you who calls,
The spirit within this ancient stone.

This lack of warmth, still…
A journey that transcends time
A figment as reality
A fragment of insanity

I feel this stone shaking…
It’s freezing on the outside,
Untouchable, it’s core…
Screaming for your voice.

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