Thy kingdom burns…

A fortress you have built
Where no one may enter
To safeguard your soul
And your people the most

A king in his castle
Beloved you are
All who enter shall be safe
None will be hurt

Behind great walls
Your flock is forever safe
And your army whole
Is always ready

“But what is this?
You want out?
I cannot allow it
I will never allow it”

“Why? Stop!
If you go out
No one knows what might happen
The world won´t like it”

“What is this?
You too?

“So it has come to this
My flock has turned
Against me they march
Confinement means death”

Behind great walls
Protected you felt
But that protection cannot be
If your own people are against you

Betrayed by your own kind
To dwell in your own guilt
To suffer in your kingdom
With no one else to know

That is your sin
And this is your payment
Condemned to death
Now burn in silence


Who are we…?

We all die, eventually
Death is not the end, nor the start
It is a checkpoint
It is a toll

Throughout our lives we live differently
Some seek quietness
Others adventure
While others seek to avoid life itself

From the moment we are born we are to gather experiences, knowledge.
Should we neglect this, the afterlife might seem terrible.
To think you have done nothing for yourself in your life can be frightening.

In order to keep experiencing and living, we should remain healthy.
Respect our bodies, and also our minds. For a mind cannot be without a body, and a body is meaningless without a mind.

However, what is truly our mind?
A mount of thoughts and functions?
A conjoined mix of feelings, ideas and plans?
A network of neurons that create a world within ourselves?
Or is it the reflection of our souls and inner beings?


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Moonlit sky

…So life was cold.
An eternal sweet night
With stars afar
No touch of light

Forever afraid
Of warming up to freeze again
such terrible fear
Would dawn be my downfall?

So forever running
To make it an eternal night
To flea from light
Again and again

And suddenly a flash
A sweet scent afar
Afraid yet not so
Of that shiny star

Ever so close
A star enlightened me
Even in my sweet cold night
Warmth gave me still

And step by step
It slowed me down
To never run
From that distant dawn…


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Spirits reside…

The rock of souls

Spirits reside
In a world unknown to men
From which we come
To which we´ll return

Life beyond flesh
Of shadows and stones
Of light and trees
In twilight beholds

A realm seemingly forgotten
In presence so unreal
Of overwhelming beauty
Hidden from human eyes

Here two souls entwined
Who´s bodies once forgotten
Reunite once more
Two become one

And a cycle reborns
When these two meet
Every life shall repeat
This love anew

No death will set them apart
No flesh will unite them at heart
For their souls are one
And as such shall remain

Yet as in flesh
Imperfect they are
Scarred hearts they hold
The remains of their separation

The beast as in image
Beauty he has seen
Feelings long forgotten
Have awakened, so it seems

And in the midst of the night
One gentle, honest kiss
Was all he needed
To change this life of his

To dry the rivers in their eyes
And forever hold at heart
What had become his new meaning
And the most precious thing in life

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Lonely night of ink…


And this night here I sit
as the candle burns and the light fades
One thought, and one thought only
As my drink slowly turns cold

Here I write what my heart holds
A weight turned burden as my mind flows
The key I have gifted
And hope to receive one day

A moment of stillness, as I behold
What seems to be an angel, no less and no more.
A pure imperfection that is perfect to me
And not even a dark night can hide.

And once more I lay betrayed
Images and thoughts untold, unseen, yet foreseen
As my mind plays the evil part
In this drama I call life

Diving in a sea of uncertainty
Of fears turned into nightmares
Devouring my once restored heart
It burns to ashes yet again

Cant blame no one but you
The earthquake that shook my ground
Who built my fears and shattered my soul
For it is you who I love and no one else

Don’t leave me waiting and teach me
The one thing you have yet to learn
So we can grow together in life
This lesson, this thought: this love.

Silent City Voices

And so the voices of the night spoke
And they the silence broke
The sweet sound echoing in the dark
Resounding waves in his mind

The walker of dark alleys
Soothing sound of splashing steps
A shadow in the dark
As he moves in his only path

Under the rain, a deaf scream
Sudden flow of her sweet scarlet drink
And I open my eyes
To realize it`s just a sweet nightmare

Fumes fly free, invading the streets
A forming dragon, whose breath kills us all
A whirlpool of shadows and hate
Of sounds and noises, dead faces everywhere

Smoke calms his lungs, replacing the air
No need but that of flesh, oh, cooling warmth
His smile upon her gaze, her horror face
And the moon turns red once again

And so the voices spoke
And the silence they once more broke
Her sweet screams echoing the night
Engines and fumes deafen her life

Artwork belongs to: http://hideyoshi.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Alley-118243637

Silent Realm


Welcome back, my Love
I have missed you for so long
Your dreamy eyes and, oh, sweet smile
I hoped to see once more

Welcome back, my Dear
to this world of yours
Filled with creations, emotions
and memories so soon forgotten

Embrace your world of Twilight Gates
which you so often visit
Your ethereal kingdom
A pure reflection of yourself

Here you shall find what no one else can
Images forgotten, memories of old
As your soul holds more
than you yourself will ever know

Allow me to be your guide,
to show you how much you have left here
Your vault of emotions, dreams and ideas
Your well of excitement, of hidden beliefs

Beware, however, of holes in the dark
For this twilight realm holds too much
Holes of horrors and screams, of nightmares
and demons that haunt you in sleep

Who am I, you ask?
A simple question to answer
I am your biggest love, your biggest nightmare
Yourself I am, and no one else

Your stay here will not be long,
though what will happen is still a mystery
Your mind and soul shall set course to what they wish
Matters not what you desire

Goodbye, my lonely dreamer
What a pleasure has it been
We shall meet again, I hope real soon
For you are king in this Silent Realm

The amazing artwork at the beginning belongs to: http://whisperfall.deviantart.com/art/Dreams-144932089