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The body is but the container of what some call “The Soul”. A vessel for us to function and exist. And as a container, we allow it to become the image we project to others, the exterior expression of The Soul.

Humans seek to express themselves one way or the other: through visual art, music, dancing, writing, and many more. These all require the use of our body one way or the other, but the most important part is never the body itself, since it is the tool, the channel. To express something we must first have something to express, and therefore we need a Soul or a Spirit, emotions and a mind. Without each other they are nothing.
As I mentioned, there are many ways of expression, where each one of them has their own appeal and can express many different things without excluding the others. One of my personal favourites is Martial arts.

When we refer to martial arts, what jumps to mind to most is violence, a method of self defense, a means of conquering or destroying your opponent. Yet, as many practitioners have realized, is nothing but the opposite. Modern Martial Arts not only give you means to defend from possible opponents and threats, but most importantly, they show you the way of respect, discipline, hard work and patience, among many other virtues.

Martial arts could compared to a way of dancing, as the body moves to the pace dictated by our minds and spirit, it reflects our inner state of the self. They are no more than a reflection of our inner state. A profound expression of the being and the soul.
He who develops his art, develops his spirit.
He who controls his art, controls his spirit.
He who masters his art is a master of his spirit.
In moments of turbulence, it is the spirit that musts remain calm. For a calm spirit is reflected in the body.

“The bottom of a cup cannot be seen clearly if the water is turbulent, but when it is calm, the bottom can be seen clearly”

This is how we express ourselves through our body, movement and art.
It matters not our way of expression nor the style of our art. What matters is the way we develop and master it, for mastering your art is mastering your spirit.

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We walk in the dark
away from the crowds and people
We live in fear
of showing ourselves to the world
And yet…
As we linger in the shadows
As we crawl through this world
As we walk alone, unseen
We wait for the day
when someone will notice
when someone will see
the day when someone will care…

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A freezing autumn morning
As the leaves in my heart descend
A slight breeze picks them up
And steals them away

Forgotten feeling,
I´ve missed it for long
Lonely colorful morning
Mist surrounds my eyes

In such a beautiful place
A curled up child appears
Lonely cry, he tries to reach out
Warm hands keep us tight

But beyond his reach
A shell keeps him from his dreams
For fragile this child is
So fragile life´s heart is…

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– Howl

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As I walk the street alone
Fear not my child, for this is life
The noise, the blast, the thunder
Shall all befall upon us, eventually

And you will worship the day
As the gods bless our steps
And we pray to our hearts
May we love again someday

And as I walk this street alone
My fears become none
With the blessing of the rain
As rain drops cleanse my soul

Fear not my child, for this is death
Darkness, silence, so calm
Shall become light once more
And we will rest at last

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Close your eyes and look inside
See ahead of thoughts as trees
A lake lies ahead, no?
the sound of streams so near will lead you to it

Close your eyes and feel
Keep moving forward
Trees keep growing taller
But the spring will remain there

Patience, my love
For you shall reach your goal
You´re thirsty, I see
You crave it, I know

What lies in that spring?
Do you not know?
I´m sure you do
Close your eyes, you will see

Fountain of love
Within you springs
Yet you cannot reach it
Thoughts and fears hide it

Don´t turn around
Do not go back
There is no meaning in all
if you can´t reach it

Now you see
It has frozen
Only ice remains
Only memories prevail

You could not help it
You could not see
Had you known…
Could you have known?

Do not despair
For your soul is in winter
Come Spring and you shall see
The lake of love shall fill again

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Who are we…?

We all die, eventually
Death is not the end, nor the start
It is a checkpoint
It is a toll

Throughout our lives we live differently
Some seek quietness
Others adventure
While others seek to avoid life itself

From the moment we are born we are to gather experiences, knowledge.
Should we neglect this, the afterlife might seem terrible.
To think you have done nothing for yourself in your life can be frightening.

In order to keep experiencing and living, we should remain healthy.
Respect our bodies, and also our minds. For a mind cannot be without a body, and a body is meaningless without a mind.

However, what is truly our mind?
A mount of thoughts and functions?
A conjoined mix of feelings, ideas and plans?
A network of neurons that create a world within ourselves?
Or is it the reflection of our souls and inner beings?


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The rock of souls

Spirits reside
In a world unknown to men
From which we come
To which we´ll return

Life beyond flesh
Of shadows and stones
Of light and trees
In twilight beholds

A realm seemingly forgotten
In presence so unreal
Of overwhelming beauty
Hidden from human eyes

Here two souls entwined
Who´s bodies once forgotten
Reunite once more
Two become one

And a cycle reborns
When these two meet
Every life shall repeat
This love anew

No death will set them apart
No flesh will unite them at heart
For their souls are one
And as such shall remain

Yet as in flesh
Imperfect they are
Scarred hearts they hold
The remains of their separation

The beast as in image
Beauty he has seen
Feelings long forgotten
Have awakened, so it seems

And in the midst of the night
One gentle, honest kiss
Was all he needed
To change this life of his

To dry the rivers in their eyes
And forever hold at heart
What had become his new meaning
And the most precious thing in life

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